Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Can Love Really Last Forever?"

Can You Truly Love Forever

"What is love To You"

What can find in the back
of our mind?

Will love always be kind?

Do we always know how to make love grow
can love be apart of our heads
or dose it just play in our hearts
Is it all that we see
or what we long to be?
Is it good at the start
or do we want to break our hearts

Love is like a plant that should be nourished by sun & water to grow.Love is like a plant you cannot keep it alive when it is neglected & if you fail to nurture it with appreciation it is likely to detoriate.Like a flowering plant if it lacks the essential needs to sustain its beauty ,no new flower will start grow ,no new leaves will start to sprout on its stem.When the needs of a plant is not fully sustained it will slowly die.

Love is just like a plant that needs continuous nurturing & nourishment.Love is a feeling that would not grow without nurturing.If we neglect the people who love us the psssion slowly dies without us realizing it.

In a relationship to keep the love alive.Both should know how to compromise.Accepting the differences & imperfections of one another.Continuous excitement by sharing your lives with each other.The eagerness to know the person more bec. most of us always had mistaken that if we marry someone we know that person 100%.We should be persitent in knowing a person not just what you need in your relationship but you should discover the person you are with as a whole being.

Ego is the no.1 killer of any relationship.All have egos but hardly no one is willing to lower his ego to communicate his true feelings.There are always hesitancy in expressing their desires & complaints regarding the status of their relationship.Large ratio of relationships & marriages are ruined by simple things that no one would be willing to take a step-down to compromise.
To keep your love strong, couples should learn to widen their understanding regarding ones differences.

The true meaning of love,Love causes pain but never hatred.If you truly loved & had been hurt so much you can turn your back from that person & walk away but never revenge for the true meaning of love is acceptance of reality even it would cause you a lot of pain.Always look at the brighter side of it.Even the person you love most hurt you in a very unexpected way still try to look at the good things that you have shared together even you cannot fully forgive this is the first move for you to recover from grief & pain that leads to hatred if you will fill your mind with negative things.

Love can last forever if both persons who are involved in a relationship really knows what are their true intentions in entering a relationships.Both should be sure & honest why would they want to be commit theirselves to one another.

Love can last forever if couples have the same outlook in life it is not required to be identical but closely similar.If Both are willing to give without expecting in return.The foundation of a strong relationship is made of trust , respect, understanding, acceptance,encouragement,continuous learning in life & one of the most important thing is we should appreciate all the things that our loved ones do for us.

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