Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Ignite The Passion Of Love"

Let The Love Begin

Take my hand, my precious friend,

Mark the path you'd reccomend.

Lead me on and light the way:

Tell me all the things you long to say.

Whisper gently in my ear,

All the things I need to hear.

Kiss my lips and touch my skin;

Bring out all the passions deep within.

Pull me close and hold me near;

Melt away my pain and fear.

In the darkness of the night,

Be my beacon, shine your light.

In the brightness of the sun,

Give me wings that I may fly;

For I can soar when you're nearby.

Enter my heart, break down the wall,

For it's time to watch it fall.

I've been a prisoner, can't you see?

Break my chains and set me free.

Strip me of my armor tight;

You'll soon find I won't put up a fight.

Release my soul held deep within....

I'm ready now, let love begin.

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