Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Are You A Good Person?"

Characteristics of a good person

This title is really quite interesting. It's like a face with two coins. Imagine a piece of bread that has grown so moldy that it is infested with maggots. Thinking about it is really quite disgusting, isn't it? Yet these insignificant maggots can be a life-saver for those with infected wounds.....

I won't go into how, as the maggots are really not the star of this topic today. However, for us to determine if that person is good or bad, well, most people would say action speaks louder than words. For some, they would say the face of a person would show how kind or good he or she is.
Well, let's study this a little bit.

Rich and wealthy guy who may donate loads of money to the charities every year but has a harsh mouth and hard hand to the people around him/her. Say, like that old merchant from the Christmas Carol story.

Ever heard anyone who swears and curses like it's an everyday diet? Normally, we would view that person with dislike and think :'well, that says a lot about her/his character!'. Yet, that same person may be the one who just donated his other kidney to another dying man.

A gentleman who gives up his seat to an old woman may just be a drunkard who hits his wife and child every night.

Call me a cynic and a skeptic, but whichever way we look into a person, he or she could not be a saint or a true devil.

If a person who doesn't donate to a school girl with a can, stingy with everything he spends, bad mouthed about everybody he knows, he's still basically a good man. So long he doesn't kill anyone, caused grievous harm to anyone intentionally, and still posess a tiny bit of conscious, he's basically still a good guy.

If a person is a responsible guy who loves his family and friends, nevermind if he's a bit selfish at times (who's not selfish? Please raise your hands?), he's still a good guy.

Look around the people walking down the walkway, driving, drinking; your friends and family whom you think you know, and look into yourself. Are they good? Are you or I good?

Be it we are vain, petty, selfish, arrogant or equipped with other undesirable characteristics, I belive in the basic goodness of a human.

Believe in not judging another person and predetermine the good or bad in him/her.
Instead, let's always stive to bring out our better selves!

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