Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Streetchildren,Whose To Blame?"

Who are the Street Children?Street children are young people who spend a considerable time living and/or working on the streets of the world’s cities.
Different countries describe street children in different ways. However, two general categories have been frequently used to describe them:

children living and working in the street

children working on the streets who maintain regular contact with their families
Reality Situation of Street Children in Asia

The working street child works from 6 to 16 hours, often in a combination of “occupations”.

Street children usually come from large families, with six to ten children per family.

Street children are generally malnourished and anemic, many of them physically stunted.

Street children suffer psychologically from undue family pressures, abuses and neglect at home.
Very often, they develop low self-esteem.

Street children are prone to street fights and bullying from bigger youth, harassment from policemen, suspicion and arrest for petty crimes, abuse and torture from misguided authorities.

Street children usually come from broken families.

There are more boys than girls. Female children are disadvantaged because of their sex; they do more housework and are prone to sexual abuses.

Parents of street children are preoccupied with earning a living, oftentimes engaged in irregular low-paying jobs as construction workers, vendors, and scavengers.

"Who should be held responsible with the large growth of children living on streets?"

This is one of the major problem of 3rd world countries that because of poverty many children live on streets & at their very young age they learn to beg for money & food to survive.

We should take step to help these children to be out of the street not just by giving them a temporary solution to feed their hunger.

We should take time to talk to them & share something that may help them to see that there is hope even they are experiencing hardships in life.We should let them realize that it is the will to succeed that could change their lives.If they won't learn to believe in theirselves they would be begging their entire life.

Most of the time we tend to blame our government for the increasing number of streetchildrens that are homeless or neglected by their parents.My sole intention in writing this blog is to open our eyes & see the root, causing this problem.

We should not always put the blame on our government.People are always looking for someone to put the blame to justify the result of their action.Why would we need to put the blame to our government.Did they tell us that we should produce as many babies as we can, even we are not capable of supporting our kids financially.

Having kids is not just like having sex. Once you decide to have kids you should know the responsibility that goes with it.



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