Monday, July 28, 2008

My love


I and he together are like two peas in a pod. We are complete opposites; we were also brought up very differently. But you know whatthey say opposites attract. Even though we both has different life styles we always try to make it work. Josh and I had our ups and downs but that’s what builds a relationship. And our communication may not be all that great but its what keeps us going… and we may have fought over the sillest things but that’s how were different. That’s what makes our relationship, that’s who and how we are.We have been through so…much good and bad that our love is too strong no one can stop us now. Because we are just getting started we may have not gone out that long. But we both know that we just cannot live without each other. We both cant hang we it comes to breaks. We were destined to be together, whether people like it or not we could care less. Because Josh and I care more about each other than we have for anyone else before. Hey, what else can we say, Were in Love!

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