Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"The Mystery Girl"

" D r e a m s "

I'm a mysterious person who lives and love to be with myself almost everday. And when there is some get together i tend to have my own world... People judge by what they saw in me, if only they'll know me much better they'll see who I am.

I say I'm pretty ordinary..i drink, eat, sleep like a normal person does..i can be everybody's friend if im treated nice..FASHIONISTA as they always describe me..

Oh well I think I am..but there is more of me than just being plain and simple barbie doll..I'm a big dreamer at the same time a doer..I love to see those dreams become a reality..believe me, i'll make those happen.I've come to set my own principles and I try to live with it..

And when I love,its as if its gonna be my last..I love with all my heart....bt I guess my love story is still in the making..:) and I just love the air of mystery that acompanies it.. Now what makes me extraordinary?

Oh well, I'm everything molded into one..can u actually imagine an ADHD kid with narcissistic and bipolar disorder in one? kidding aside..I'm indefinitely flexible and I easily adapt when situation calls for it..conservative-liberated, quiet-chatty, crazy-inlove..

I am never afraid to innovate..I love to do just about anything--travel, dress up, experimenting hehehe..I guess i'm just good in making the best of whatever life brings..=)

ME, MYSELF and II am a girl who is simple and true.A girl whom created by God to enj0y the w0rld full of misery and dece!tful people....A girl who has an ambiti0n in life,wh0 wants to be a Professional Chef s0meday.

I'm a girl who seeks happiness in the w0rld,l0nging for my true love to c0me.A bubbly vivac!ous y0ung woman, wh0mpe0ple's first impression of meis a silent-type of girl.... but they are half-way wr0ng, for I am cocky and canbe wacky at times....=

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