Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Not meant to offend atheists or agnostics
As we go through life everything unfolds, the flower gets ready to bloom

Its as if the Creator created life in folds or like a flower
The more the folds disappear, they unfold your character and personality
The flower is now in full blossom, the whole universe can see it
Bees come to pollinate it, the unfolding of many things in life become clearer as you get older.

Unless you ruminate or behave like a dog chasing its own tail
Where life goes in circles and you are stuck in 4th gear (can't move forward nor backward)

When life has completely unfolded, the flower now starts to wither away as the petals fall off and new flowers emerge from the same plant.

My life has unfolded and i may or may not cherish the life I have already lived
But like the new flowers, one generation will disappear and a new will appear
Going through its summers and winters, life going through its ups and downs.

I thank my Creator for this beautiful life and wondrous soul, warts and all!

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