Thursday, July 10, 2008

To My Baby " I LOVE YOU "

Foxy Records

Compilation of Songs
All-Time Favorites

Those Eyes
I am in love , with this one guy
that keeps bugging on my mind
a stalker in my dreams,a lover in my fantasies

his eyes , his gazed that make me fall on my knees
when he stares i feel i want to fall into his arms

just his & nobody else, but him
His eyes that are filled by so much emotions

In those eyes there are so much unpoken words
of love that i'm dying to hear
I just want to look at his eyes
for those eyes are my hope & future

Through your eyes i learn to dream
In those wonderful eyes i saw the love
appreciation that i am long craving for
Those beautiful eyes been my light through my darkest days
Your eyes are full of emotions that brings me joy

every moment of my life

The guy that i most love & want to be with

The man i have chosen to be my partner in life & eternity
the man i want to be the father of my children

The man who owns the eyes that i have fallen in love
For those eyes are the reflection of my achievements & happiness

The eyes that touches my heart & soul
That i will treasure for Eternity'

Te amo Mon Miel

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