Saturday, July 12, 2008

" Cheaters Hate Cheaters "

That word can be defined in numerous different ways.

You can cheat on your taxes, your significant other, and your diet among other things.

But the one of the most important things that you can cheat is simply, yourself.

Most people claim to be happy but if you were to take a deeper look you would probably see that they are trying to please everyone but themselves and becoming quite miserable in the process.
They give so much to others that they forget to give to themselves.

Time goes by and those dreams that you once had are now just a memory because you cheated yourself out of the idea. Lost in the day to day living you give up on ever finishing your degree. That cross country trip has turned into a bunch of brochures in the back of your closet that you never look at again. The good friends from days gone by are now just mere acquaintances that you might send a Christmas card to.

Life is yours to enjoy and experience. Don't get so dependent on the clock that you cheat yourself out of those goals that you have set for yourself.

Love yourself and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life; so when you look back you can honestly say that instead of making do and cheating yourself of life experiences you gave it your all and the reward of happiness, inner peace and love will have been experienced with those that you surround yourself with.

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