Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"A Girl Who Dreams To Survive"

" A Girl Who Believes In Her Dreams "

There once a little girl who lived with her father and her 5 siblings, ever since her mother died she was the mother of her little brothers and sisters. Despite of her good service to her family she wasn't treated good with them, but she didn't mind all those things for she was thinking that maybe she had made some mistake that displeases them.

A girl full of mystery and inquisitiveness, who is always misjudged by her family, who loves to watch amusing films to hide her innermost feeling she encounter each morning she wakes up. Ever since her mother died, her life was a misery. All her life she was hiding her emotions to her family, instead she pretends to be happy but deep inside shes is bleeding of the pain. Her family had talked about her with their friends. she's been looked-down by her own family, which started on the day when she visited her grandmother (mother of her mother) on the province, she had her vacation there for about 2-months.

The little girls' only friends there was her cousins, who played and comforts her whenever she needs a shoulder to lead on. she loves staying in that place, because to her, she don't need pretenses. There she was meeting her true self. But it was wrecked, when 2 guys comes into her life. One was an expert of using illegal drugs, and the other was was a severe maniac, these two guys was following her every second of the day. No matter how hard she explains to them that there's no chance for them to be her lover.

Still they continued bugging her, 'till the rumors came along, and her life was changed ever since that day. Rumors reached to her family and they overheard it. But she founds out the rumors was originally from her Grandmother's mouth... The poor little girl was devastated when she knew it, since then her father, was treating her as if he'd better off without her. Every mistake she made to the little tiny bit of errors she made she was scolded hardly.

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