Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have Your Man Wanting "Forever" With You‏

If you've invested a lot of time intoa relationship that's going nowhere and you need to either finally get it on the right track or move on...

Then read this article about how to avoid the common mistakes most women make that make men WITHDRAW - and instead I'll show you how to effortlessly take your relationship to the "nextlevel" in a way that has your guy CHASING YOU again:

All right,

Tell me:

Do you ever feel like it's impossible to understand what a man is thinking when it comesto "dating" and relationships?

Do you ever wish that you could just skip the"games" and the uncertainty that come with dating and get straight to something REAL?

If so, I want to share with you a way to get the love and connection you're looking for... and start finding and creating what you want with a man.

There's something I want to know about you first, though.

Are you dating a man who was very attentive and loving in the beginning, but has slowly CHANGED over time to being LESS LOVING and MORE distant or annoyed with you?

In the beginning, you had high hopes for the relationship. He called you all the time and was very kind and generous with his affections.

You told all your friends what a great guy he is, and how lucky you were to have found him.
Things were going so great that you would say to yourself,

"At last! A real man I truly connect with. Ibetter not screw this up!"

And it's then that the dating and relationship nightmares from your past flash back in your mind...

You don't want to feel the pain you felt in thepast ever again... and you start to feel afraid that the same things could happen again.

Your mind races with fear and anxiety.

But to keep it together you put faith in thesituation and in this man. You tell yourself that it's different this time, and that he isn't one ofthose other guys.

And to make sure things keep moving forward in the right direction, you start trying a little harder with him to get it right this time.

You make the effort to find out all about him,understand him, and help him out with the things that are going on for him in his life.

In the back of your mind you really hope he'll recognize all the great things you're doing forhim, and how amazing you and your relationship can be.

With all you're doing for him and your relationship, he'd be crazy not to want to be with you. Right?

But after a while, suddenly something starts to feel WRONG...

That same easy and free way of loving and beingwith each other suddenly feels different.
You realize how much you're doing for him and all the ways you're trying... and suddenly it hits you -

He isn't making much of an effort to do anything for you or your relationship.
Not the way you are with him.

You try to be casual and ask him what he's feeling and if everything is OK between you because you're starting to feel a little worried that something is wrong.

Instead of listening to you and your feelings... he gets irritated and ANGRY with you.As though you're "hassling" him.

After some arguing and back and forth, he seems to shift gears in the conversation and says something that really makes your heart SINK.

Something that you had a gut FEELING you'd hear from him with this going on -
He tells you,

"Look... you're great, but the truth is that I'm not ready or in the right place for any kind of 'serious' relationship right now."

And he goes on to tell you about all the things going on in his life that are taking up his time and energy... and that he doesn't know how to settle down right now.


What's he talking about!?

How come he doesn't recognize or appreciate all the things you bring to his life, and all the things that you do for him?

Why did he do all the things he did, and whydid he SAY all those things that made you think HE WANTED a relationship with you?

Now, if you've experienced a situation like this with a man before... then I really feel for you.


How can you avoid going through this in the future?
Put simply: by learning how the Commitment Process works for a man.

You see, a man will decide whether or not a relationship is working for him based on a verysimple formula:

What his EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE is with you.

If a man feels that his life is better with you in it, he will do whatever it takes to keep you close for the long term.

But if a man feels that somehow the relationship is a whole bunch of "work," then he's going to start to doubt if he should put any more time and energy into it.

You already know what this looks and feels like.

And as soon as this starts to happen, you senseit, and everything comes unglued.

So what can you do about that?

The answer is NOT finding the right thing to say when a man is already feeling this way with you.

Big mistake.

It's time to start avoiding this difficult and impossible situation with a man altogether.
And that's what I want to show you.

It's time you learned how to build that kind of "emotional experience" and connection with a man that is going to carry you through anything together - no matter what.

And it's time you knew how this worked and putit to good use, whether you've just started dating or you've been together a while now.

Fortunately, the guesswork of "trial and error" trying to figure out what works with a man is over, since I've already made it easy to do with my "From Casual To Committed" CD/DVD program.
Not only will you get in-depth tools and advice on how to create the kind of "emotional experience" that will inspire a man to want to be with you and ONLY you, always...

But you'll also learn exactly what will trigger a man's subconscious RESISTANCE to a commitment with you, so that you don't "accidentally" make him think that you're NOT the woman he should be with.

You'll also learn how to connect with your man in a way NO OTHER WOMAN has before, so that he'll naturally see and believe that you're "the one"for him, and that he should hold on to you forever.

It's all right here:

I'll even let you try it free for 30 days, so if you discover it's not right for you, that'sfine.
All you have to do is return it and you won'thave to pay a thing. No hassles.

Don't take the risk of wasting another day in a go-nowhere relationship that's only going to cause you a lot of pain and frustration in the end.

Go now and try my "From Casual To Committed" program, and learn the secrets to being the kind of woman a man will want to devote himself to forever.

If you go here now, I'll let you try this 100%-guaranteed to work program free for a fullmonth.
Don't wait. Your life and the relationship you deserve, you are worth it.

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