Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"love is real if only you can believe"

Share Life with Me!

I am incomplete, part of me is missing, and that part is you. I feel as if I have stepped back from an abyss. Reality has been a cold slap in the face. It has opened my eyes to the magnificent woman I want to share my life with. You are so close but you feel just out of reach. I long to hold you, caress you, and kiss your beautiful lips. Oh how I crave your tender touch. I gaze at you, follow the curve of your cheek down to your full sexy lips. I look into your lovely eyes and I loose myself. Your wonderful blue eyes hold me in a spell. They can be as warm as the blue sky in summer, or as cold as the glacial ice. Oh how I yearn for the warmth to return. I can’t wait to be near you, the day drags by and all I can think about is you. When we are in bed all I want to do is get as close to you as possible. I cherish the time I spend with you. My heart aches at the thought of how I treated you. It was not out of the lack of love but out of ignorance. How could I have been such a fool. I long to hear you say that you will stay with me forever. Oh how I wish you would say you love me, without it being an echo of my own words to you. I know I can make you happy, and time will heal the wounds that we have suffered. I want to grow old with you. I have watched old couples holding hands. Walking and just being together. I think thats how Lisa and I will be. I know we will be happy together. I need you, mind, body and soul. I realize that it will take time. I just wanted you to know how I feel.

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