Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"The Girl"

She is Everywhere

I sit engulfed by the rapture of colors weathered into the trees,swirling through the foliage with the same array of hue, saturation, and brightnessas a prized work of art by a passionate painter.

Sitting with the pleasant aroma of aged leaves,

I smell a fragrance wrought by heaven with a gentle breeze.

Roaming these corridors of splendor in compassionate delight,the door of thoughts can restrain boundless love no longer,I see her soft complexion:every beautiful line and curve equivalent to a million angelsflying from every direction.

I see her essence,everything that she is;the birthmark on her armrests like a flower on her skin.floating in ecstasy, as I think of kissing this symbolic representation of her glorious comingand of telling her I am so happy she was born.

Sitting encased by the black veil of night,t
he stars' lights melting through the sky like a web of passion,
reinforced by the dance of the moon's glare,
I stare, mesmerized into a tranquil trance.
I sit at the foot of the galaxy with a warm breeze
placating my fiery soulunto a gentle burn, bringing my deepest desire.

Soaring through the space of endless time,like some enchanted eagle soaring through the domain of its very spirit,my desire to stare in her lovely eyes unleashes a memory:
her shining eyes--the moon, every constellation, every last star twinkling bright within the two windows of her soul.

I remember a particular moment,a stare so delicate, warm, and replete with unbridled compassion,a stare that had--for a minute--forgotten the rusty chains that bind us apart.
Shivering with euphoria, as I think of staring into those eyes againwhile slow dancing to the gentle beats of her heart,lest I not mistake the night sky for her eyes.

I sit in the dark of night,awaiting the twilight's shining way,
a reminder that dreams can happen:I'm alive today.

Sitting at the end and the beginning of the new,
I see two moments entwined to project a pleasant view.

Drifting down the stream of colors permeating from the vibrant crack in the sky,thoughts lead inward to a memory in my mind,a beautiful view, an equivalent shine,
I see her pleasant smile: the twilight, every color and more;
the birds flying and the sun shining,
all delivered by the part of her two soft lips.

I remember it like yesterday,so warm and lively,
so precious and tender, and so peacefully inviting:
stay for a while and . . .
enjoy the view in tranquil still quietness.

Melting with compassion, as I think of watching both shine in my eyes at the same time,
less I not mistake the twilight for her smile.

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