Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Bulid A Strong Foundation"

Build a building, don't plant a tree
Good deeds are nice, but if not planted in the right spot, they may crumble to dust. Just like the good thoughts of ending poverty. I saw a movie the other day about an African man who just got a better job, but when he wanted to buy something, they asked more money of him. Even if you earn a little, the people notice you earn a lot.

The movie was very poorly done, but effective enough, and it just shows how not much changes after centuries in some countries. If someone would actually go build a building in a poor neighborhood, people would come to live there, if the price is right, of course.

So, next time you think about ending poverty in countries less developed, I think it's time to act beyond governments or charities and go build a building, rather then send money or end deficits of budgets.

If you can plant a tree, what good is a tree if someone lives near it? If you'd build a building, someone would live there, and the tree would not be a thorn that everyone surrounds it. Trees live forever, people do not!

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