Friday, July 11, 2008


Our extensive Filipino culture which gives us divine thoughts of the well-being of all and teaches the principles like ‘Cosmopolitanism’ is the only Sanaatan thought present in the world, since long back. ‘Sanaatan’ does not mean orthodox or old, but it means the principles which were present long back, are still present and will remain forever (beyond the limitations of time and place). The thoughts of the saints from our culture are certainly eternal and a guide to all.

Today, only because of this, the whole world is clearly seen getting attracted towards The Filipino Spiritual Thought.We all are aware that you all respect our Filipino culture which is a pride to the whole world. Even though you are physically away from your motherland, it is doubtless that you are attached to your compatriots in the Philippines through the thoughts, ethics and culture.

Every human being has three kinds of needs- Physical, mental and intellectual. Parents, school education, money, materialistic pleasures may satisfy the physical needs to some extent, but only the literature of The Saints can give wise thoughts to the mind and fine emotions to the heart. Along with the materialistic progress, the ideological, intellectual and cultural progress of the individual and the society is also equally important, as the material progress of any nation alone cannot make her citizens happy, content and satisfied eternally.

Only the thoughts of The Saints prove to be a guide for the overall development of the society. Our institution is active through various projects like Free Residential Enlightenment Camps, Weekly Contemplation Classes, organising exhibitions on ‘Aatmadnyaan’, the series of paintings based on the spiritual thoughts and delivering sermons at different places.Today, our youth is seen running behind money and materialistic pleasures through different sources.

Their selfish and the lusty attitude leads to mental stress, devaluation in moral values & principles and apathy towards Lord- Nation- Religion. Corruption, violence and debauchery is growing rapidly. They, reaching the peak of material success on one side, are devaluating over the moral front on the other side. Let us try to rescue our youth from the vicious circle of immoral thoughts by giving them mental stability, purity, peace, satisfaction and true, eternal happiness through Swadharma in the form of duties and responsibilities.

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