Monday, July 28, 2008

"Self Thougths"


"A small hole in the body is the result of a big hole in the soul." -- Kotzker Rebbe

This esteemed 18th century kabbalist known for his penetrating wisdom is giving us an important lesson. Anger, depression, regret, revenge - and all forms of negative emotions - are holes in the soul that create holes [illness] in the body.

As the kabbalists have been teaching for 5,000 years, whatever shows up in our physical bodies is a branch - not the root. If we wish to treat and prevent illness, we must work on the cause level, which according to Kabbalah, resides between our two ears.
What goes on in your mind is what goes in your body.

Remember the spiritual rules of the game of life I spelled out in The Power of Kabbalah: the source of all chaos in our life is caused by our reactive thoughts and behavior. If we have illness, we can't think that something broke in our body. We have to know it started with our negative thoughts and actions.

If we don't realize we are the cause, there is no way to heal our life. I've got a student who is fighting cancer right now. The doctor tells him it's a deadly form the likes of which he has seen only twice in his career.

Being a spiritual person, my student has come to the realization that he has two choices at this point: bitterness or gratitude. With all of his might, he is choosing gratitude. He is not letting the negativity creep into his mind. He's keeping a positive mental image.

And though he is not out of the woods yet, his doctor is shocked at how quickly he is healing.

The Zohar teaches when you fight the negative fragments running through your head, the Light comes to assist you. But you've got to fight. What does it mean to fight? It means when you are feeling desperate or lost or terrible, you scream to the Light, "Light please help me! I don't want to feel negative today! I don't want to be depressed today! I don't want to blame others today! "Remember, we're in a war with our doubts.

Again, this is all in The Power of Kabbalah. If we just accept the thoughts that pop into our mind, we are doomed to fail. We must continually counter our negative automatic thoughts with positive ones, as well as cries to the Creator.

God helps those who help themselves.In addition, there are metaphysical tools to give us the fuel to do the inner healing that will result in physical healing. Zohar study. 72 Names of God visualization. Ana Bekoach meditation. Tikun Hanefesh. And you have to do these with enthusiasm, knowing that there is no other choice but to convert your thinking.

There are openings for healing every second of the year, but especially this week. We are in the portion of Pinchas, which the Zohar reveals as the secret to all forms of healing [personal and global.] Take this thought piece to heart this week because there is healing energy flying through the air. Use your consciousness to catch it. Doing so will help you, and the world, because we are all connected. I can't stress that enough. And you can join us in person or online for Shabbat Pinchas, the healing event of the year. It is this Saturday, July 19th.

Finally, I recommend spending as much time as you can meditating on this week's 72 Name of God. Use it when you feel that nothing can help. Beg, pray, and plead for change and healing. Visualize the Light coming out of the letters, visualizing the Light coming into you.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing. Just invest the right effort. The Kabbalists teach that the moment we invest enough effort, someone or something will come and help us.

I have now been bestowed with the emotional strength to stand after I've stumbled, to rise after I have fallen, and to endure when the path seems unendurable.

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