Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Finding Big Love"


For every day there must be a night. For every question there must be an answer. For every dream there must be a realization. Where's love? Who is love? or question is, what is love? If you ask someone about love, they might give you all the craziest answer that you can even imagine. I, myself can't even find a perfect definition for love, but there must be an answer.

I've been alone realizing what's love for me, have I found my true love? You know you're in love when all you think about when you go to bed is that special someone, when all you do in your spare time is write their name on a piece of paper over and over again, when you're with that special someone, you get butterflies in your stomach and you get all excited.

You know you're in love when they walk by and you try not to stare but you can't help it, all you talk about, to your friends, is that special someone; you talk on the phone for hours and send SMS a million times. These are my definition when I was a little younger ( since I was 14, all the craziest things that I can ever imagine.)

Finding my greatest love wasn't so easy. I have loved so many times and got hurt million times. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before finding the right one, so that when we finally find the right one, we will know how to be grateful. How would we know that he's the true one; if there's a million fish in the sea?

In my case, I never rush into falling in love, because love never runs out; let love be the one to knock at your door.If someone knocks, take the risk. Listen to your heart for it will lead you to the person you are looking for. Trust me; "I was once with a man that could never give me enough, now I'm with a man I can never get enough of.

Love is like hide and seek. People spend their whole lives looking for love, but when they finally forget to look for it, they find it. you'll find yours too.
In time...

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