Monday, July 28, 2008

Poem for My Beloved Husband

You Are The Air That I Breathe

I Can Feel You You are so far away, but I can still feel you.
The essence of your being is in everything I say and do.
The nearness of your spirit takes my breath away.
I feel you in every beat of my heart as I go throughout my day.

When I close my eyes, I get such feelings of bliss.
I can see your gentle face and feel the fire in your caress.
You tiptoe across my mind in the gentlest ways.
You're in the softness of a rose and the warm wind on my face.
You're the sunbeams from heaven shining brightly in my soul.

A sweetness of serenity that fills my heart with gold.
You're always inside my mind, even though we are far apart.
I can feel you with me always tugging gently at my heart.
There is the sweetest devotion, I know you love me too.
We'll be together in spirit and I'll be forever loving you.

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