Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Myths About Asian Women"

Common Myths About Asian/Western Marriages

Most Asian Women want to escape the poverty and will do anything to leave their country. People who think this, of course have never visited an Asian woman at home.Family is very strong so an Asian woman will only leave home if she is truly in love.But she wants what any woman wants - a happy relationship with a man with whom she can share her love. With women out-numbering men by as much as four to one in many parts of Asia, this can be very difficult.

Anyway Your Lady Will Leave You Once She Has Her Citizenship. Because divorce is illegal in many Asian Countries the women are not pre-programmed to think of divorce as a way out. To them family is everything and they will not give it up without giving their all.Inter-racial love affairs, which begin long distance have proved to be much more successful than domestic love affairs. The overall divorce rate in the United States is over 50%, while that for inter-racial marriages is below 20%.
International Travel is Dangerous and Unhealthy.Over one hundred thousand Americans were murdered last year. You are probably safer in most of Asia.As for health, make sure you listen to your doctor regarding innoculations for any specific area and you will be fine.

Only Men With Problems Are Attracted To These WomenWrong again. Many men are tired of the 'emotional baggage' many Western women carry after around thirty years of age. Many men are attracted to the beauty of Asian women. Many men are simply attracted by the fact that age and looks are largely irrelevant to an Asian woman. In fact you will find that most Asian women really do want a considerably older partner.The fact that far more inter-racial marriages are successful than internal marriages speaks for itself.

Most Men Only Want an Asian Women Because They Are More Submissive. Another myth put about by people who have zero knowledge of the Asian personality.Asian women are tolerant, loyal and easy to get along with. This is, to the uneducated, confused with submission. If anything, Asian women are better at getting what they want than many Western women, they are just more subtle and tactful about it. She knows how to make her man happy even while she gets her own way.

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