Thursday, June 5, 2008

"What is more important Money Or Education?"

Money and Education?

In my perspective education is very imporatant that someone should prioritize in their lives.I believe that life is a continuous learning field.We should feed our minds to function well.

We attend school to earn a degree & have a nice job or pursue the career that we want,attaining an education helps us fing better jobs & position in the society.The more you know the more edge you have conquer your dreams.

Education is a wealth that once you had acquired no one can get it from you.The only thing you that you can bring with you no matter where you go.Something you can be proud & cherished.

Money is just a tool to buy things & pay for services but education is a tool that you can share to all people you could encounter in your entire life.

But even Education is very important in man's life in order to have advantage in our evolving modern society it doesn't mean that if you had no or you lack education it does not make anyone a lesser person but i still encourage people to acquire a good education that they can use as a tool in achieving their dreams.

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