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"Do You Want To Attract The Right Guy?Here's How"

Finding & Attracting The Love Of Your Life‏
Is it possible that by doing some of the wrong things with a man that you could push away or sabotage the man and relationship that's the right one for you?

It's a tough question, but a really important one if you're having a tough time with men andrelationships.

If you've ever wanted the right man and relationship to come into your life so badly thatyou actually messed things up for yourself when the right guy showed up...

Then you need to read this short email.
I'm going to share with you a great way to goabout not only finding the right man for you...
But how to literally DRAW HIM TO YOU and havehim feel that intense "knowing" about you right away that is going to tell your man that you, and only you, are the one for him.

Let's get started.

As you know, men can't or won't tell you whatthey're thinking.

Knowing this, how much do you know and understand about your man on your own?

And how much does it happed that by not understanding him YOU get confused or hurt by him, and then he either sees you as "needy", or you accidentally push him away?

If you've ever felt like you had no clue what was going on with a man you were dating or who was your boyfriend...

Then for a quick shortcut right now I want to share the inside secrets of what men want in a woman, why they seem to change their minds about relationships... and what is guaranteed to turn them off to great women.

It's all right here:

Now tell me:

Do you sometimes feel hopeless that you'll never find the love of your life?

That maybe love just isn't meant to be for you?

I want to show you how this is not only the case for you, but show you a quick and amazing way to change things in your love life right away.

By the way, I get how you could feel this way.

I hear from lots of women who are going through the same thing in one way or another.

Maybe you've spent years working on your own life - to where you're successful and fulfilled on your own.

But somehow you still feel like something is missing, and you know what it is.

A good man.

The strange thing is that it can actually be MORE FRUSTRATING for a woman when she's worked sohard to make sure she has her own life together - but then love still doesn't seem to work out.

Maybe you're one of the women who is either worried if you'll ever find a good guy...
Or you've gotten into a relationship with a man, but months or even years down the line you'vecome to realize that not only was he not who you thought he was...

But that he was anything but the right man for you to share you life and love with.
Not having a man can feel just as bad as finding a man and giving yourself to him, only to realize over time that he's really not the right one.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then somewhere in the back of your mind there's a thought going on for you.

A thought that, even if you don't want to thinkabout it, still pops up for you.
that thought is "Where is my soul mate?"

Where is the right man for me?

You know the kind of man I'm talking about...

The kind of man who is the one person in the world you love unconditionally and who loves you back the same way.

The man who understands you like no one else understands you.
Who loves you no matter how you feel or look today.

Who supports you in everything - even when he disagrees with you.
The man who can see you at your worst and giveyou more love and support because of it.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be in a relationship with a man like that?
Can you imagine how you would feel to have thiskind of man in your life?
Can you imagine how different even the little things in your life might be?
Well... what if you could meet this man in a few days or weeks?

And what if this man is single right now and looking for YOU- the woman he can't wait to give his best to?

Even though you might feel like it's impossible right now- meeting the right man can happen sooner and easier than you think.
And I'm about to tell you how...

For starters, I want you to do something for me.

This is your first step towards an amazing lesson for you to take with you and attract the right man for you.

Plus it's something fun, and it won't take long.

Ok. I want you to imagine right now that the man of your dreams, the man you've been waiting for your whole life is standing right in front of you.

Picture him now.
I want you to describe him to yourself, in detail.

What does he look like?

What is the best thing about his personality?

What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Try to be as detailed as possible with what you're seeing in your mind's eye.

Now, describe the things you'd do together on weekends.

What is his favorite sport?


What irritates him the most?

What makes him energized and passionate?

How does he touch you and what does he say?

Can you picture it?

Start to see and visualize all of this as your picture of him starts to become clear.

Do you see him?

Ok now, come back.

Since you've got a picture of this man, let me ask you...

What if it was totally possible to meet this man?And not only meet him, but meet him very soonand have such a strong and instant "connect" when you meet that it springs an amazing relationshipinto existence?

What if this man actually exists, and it's all a matter of MANIFESTING him into your life?
This may sound a bit "out there" at first, butlet me share something fascinating with you:
I recently spoke with a woman who not only knows the secret to making this kind of "manifestation" happen, but she's also a woman who experienced this as she attracted her own husband and soul mate.

And now this incredible woman is helping hundreds of women connect to the love of theirlife the way she and lots of other women have.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"C'mon- "manifesting" a man!? Puuuhhhleeease,Christian."

I get it. I even feel a little funny telling you.

And honestly, if I had not met this woman and heard her own story about how she found her soul mate and current husband, then I'd have somereal doubts, too.
But this is the one woman who has made me a believer.
And that's no small feat.

So is this some kind of magic hocus-pocus that'sonly for the "spiritually" inclined?
Is this only for woman who believe in things like "energy", the law of attraction, a higher purpose, or that all things are connected.

But if you've ever seen the movie "The Secret", then you may know a little bit about what's behindsome of the simple easy things that don't require "magic" to work for you in your love life.
What I want to share with you is a special technique developed by a new friend of minenamed Arielle Ford.

Arielle is an amazing woman who knows and has worked with people from Deepak Chopra and the authors of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" too many other great people to count.
And not only is Arielle a great person who's "plugged in" - she's also a strong and powerful no-nonsense business person with a multi-million dollar business of her own.

Arielle used to be that successful, independent woman who was single and on her own later in lifethan she expected.

She had everything she could have wanted in her life as a late 30-something and early 40's woman,except for that right man.

And because of that, all her amazing personal relationships and success didn't make up for the fact that she still had a big part of her life missing-
Her soul mate.

That was, until she figured out how to change all that.

Arielle doesn't just believe, she knows from experience, that ANYONE can find and attract their soulmate.

It doesn't matter if you're in your 40's and have never been married (like Arielle, before shemet her husband), or if you're in your 20's and you really want to find that love of your life after spending years dating the wrong men.

All it takes is a BELIEF that you can indeed manifest the man of your dreams and that he is out there already.

You've heard of "love at first sight", right?

Well, this is kind of like "love BEFORE first sight."

Finding and attracting your soulmate, according to Arielle, can happen through a specific, step-by-step process that any woman can do at anytime in her life.
As a matter of fact, get this -
Arielle's mother was single after Arielle foundher husband and soulmate, and guess what eventually happened?

Once her mother saw what had happened for Arielle, she became open to using these steps, too.

It wasn't long before, in her later years,Arielle's single mom finally discovered her soul mate, too.

I don't know about you, but there's nothing tougher than the "mom test". And that's anotherreason I'm so blown away and impressed by what Arielle has discovered and how she's helped not just her mom - but tons of other women, too.

Here's where this gets good -

After getting to know Arielle over the last year and continuing to hear more and more fascinating and inspiring stories from people around her , I was finally lucky enough to getArielle to agree to share her "secret sauce" with me in person.

Now I want to share Arielle's steps and herprocess with you in a special way -
That's why I got Arielle do to a special interview workshop with me where she shared how you can both manifest your right man and keep your relationship burning bright for as long asyou want.

This interview is sure to blow you away onceyou hear it, and have you on your way like so many other women- including Arielle's mom.

Here's just a few things Arielle shared with me that I want you to tune into:

-- The incredible story of how Arielle wished to meet her soulmate, dreamt about him, then met himand got engaged within 3 weeks! You have to hearthis story to believe it ... (and the best partis that Arielle is confident YOU can have the same kind of prophetic experience using her techniques).

-- The true definition of a soulmate relationship...once you get this it will not onlyinspire you and have you see love and partnershipin a whole new way, but men will sense it
-- One of the most IMPORTANT things you can do to ensure your relationship will be loving, respectful and passionate for many, many years - even when things go "off track" or you have disagreements and tension.

-- What you need to ask yourself and do FIRST before you can attract a soulmate into your life - even if you've been single forever, or even if the other parts of your life (career, home, spiritual) are established and thriving.

-- What may be the reason you feel as if you're LACKING LOVE and CONNECTION in your life, and howto turn things around 180 degrees FAST.

-- A remarkable exercise to help you to heal from a past breakup or relationship so you can get CLARITY AND CLOSURE without confronting your ex, or paying for years of therapy.
-- "Treasure Map": A POWERFUL technique that magically helps you to manifest what you want inyour life (if you've seen "The Secret" you know a little bit about this, although Arielle takes the concept further).

-- What your "Season Of Love" is and why it'simportant to the TIMING of where and when you'llmeet the man of your dreams.

-- A funny story about a woman who used CRAYONSto manifest her soulmate (and they're still together 18 years later) and how you can use the same method to manifest your own version of thePerfect Man. This is just one of some really AMAZING success stories Arielle shared with me.

-- A way to be open and direct with your boyfriend and at the same time free yourselffrom the worry of whether or not you're right or wrong.

-And lots more...

I have a question for you:

Knowing that it's not only possible to stop going in circles and attract the right man - but that there is an easy and direct set of steps to do so...

Why wouldn't you at least see what it is that'sbringing other women that one right man and relationship?

Is it because you don't really want to do anything different on your end, or change in any way. And you think it's men who are at fault?

Is it because you think a man should just recognize how great you are all on his own - and that if he doesn't it's his loss?

Or is it because you're just not willing to take ACTION in your life to at least try something new?

If you want to have new experiences and get new results in your life... I'm going to suggest that it's time you DO something new.

You can try this interview now for nothing just to see if you like these interviews, andkeep it regardless.

And if you love this interview (and I know you will) then I can send you a brand new amazing interview each month for you to keep learning and growing with.

If not, you can opt to just get this interviewand choose not to stay with me and the community of other women who are learning and talking about these interviews each month.

Now, I also want to share something more with you, if you're open to it as a woman who's readyto attract the right man into her life-

A while back I shared a program with a small group of women who were looking to know more about how exactly to meet, talk to and start a new relationship with a great guy.

As you know, just meeting the right guy can be a challenge. (Hence, why these steps for manifesting a man are so important)

Well, you probably also know that you don't just meet a man and he ends up falling in love with you in the first 5 seconds and asks you to marry him.

If this does happen to you, you're either that lucky 1 in a million woman who stumbled upon theright man at the right time and he's going to be begging you to be with him from the first second,and all throughout the "dating" process...

Or you should watch out since this guy doesn't even know you, and you don't know him.
There's a better way- and that is knowing how the often confusing and dead-end dating processworks... and how to move through this and into a committed relationship with a great guy.

Tons of women meet men, only to have a few lousy dates or a short 1-3 month "mini-relationship" that fizzles and goes nowhere.

This often happens because they don't know whatit is that attracts men for a relationship bothfrom the start, and what makes men want more andmore with you while you're dating.
That's why I created an entire program for any woman who's ready to stop the cycle of dead-enddates - and who's ready to truly connect and "wow" the right man from the first "Hello" allthe way to "I love you" and beyond.

This program is called "Meeting The One", and it covers everything you need to know about how,what, why and where when you finally meet that right man.

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