Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Pamper Yourself Once In A While"

25 Ways to Pamper Yourself

I published this list of ideas on how to be good to yourself back in February when I celebrated "Pamper Your Inner Child Day." But I thought it was appropriate to revisit some of these ideas that come from Beliefnet's holistic editor, Valerie Reiss, or to encourage you to make up your own

1. bathe in fragrant water
2. drink water
3. stretch the upper back
4. call a friend
5. go for a walk
6. list three things you love about yourself
7. list three things you love about the world
8. doodle
9. write three pages in a journal
10. knit something easy
11. bake

12. make soup
13. take 10 slow even breaths
14. meditate or pray for 10 minutes
15. make a list of 3 things you're looking forward to
16. make a list of 3 reasons why you are needed here
17. give something to someone
18. call a sick/pregnant/overwhelmed friend and offer help
19. make and drink a cup of tea
20. water the plants
21. read a favorite author
22. look through old photos
23. make a collage
24. buy a new outfit
25. get a haircut

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