Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Should Men Be Intimidated By Career Oriented Women?"

.....Girls with high standards?.....

Gentlemen, do you find this intimidating and scare you off? Or is it more of a challenge? Do you have high standards for women? What do they include? And ladies, do you have high standards yourself? And if so, what do YOUR standards include?

Personality? Looks? Education? Income? Etc?

Most men find it intimidating to date a woman with strong character & pursuing a career of her own.But this should not happen because being intimidated is a negative attitude & a sign of lack of self trust.Nobody should be intimidated by anyone.We are all special in different areas all we just need is to trust ourselves & discover our own strength & use it.

Being intimidated by others is sign of a weak personality ,I must say we all have the tendency to be intimidated by someone but all we need is to overcome this fear & always put in your mind that no one is above us.We are equal & all special.

Career Oriendted women should be admired by both men & women but there is no reason to be intimidated by people who already had made themselves become a successful individuals but let them be your inspiration to achieve your goals be happy for what they had accomplished in their lives.Focus on the positive side of things,being intimidated is a negative thing that you should overcome.It will do you no good at all.

I do have high standard in choosing a woman in my life.It is important that she has a good education & good values,i just don't focus on physical traits.

Physical attractiveness is important for me because i love to see beatiful things & i want to spend my life with someone who i will never be tired of looking till year passes.But i won't take a girl just for looks without brains.I'm attracted to someone who is a good conversationalist that can discuss any topic with me

You should not be intimidated by someone who is achieving his or her goals in life but instead take it as a challenge that would make you more procdutive & aspire more in life,Being challenged is healthy for you to grow & disbover yourself but don't take challenges as acompetition because you should not compete with others.
You should take this challenge to boost your self-trust & not for competing

Don't try to prove yourself on anyone.To be truly successful is just do your thing with your own style,competition is not healthy for you & your relationship.

I prefer a woman who have confidence in herself,know what she wants & know how to achieve it..

I can say that i have a very high standard in choosing my mate because i have a high respect for myself & i want to be treated that way.I won't bgo with a girl who can't stand for herself & depend what she believes in.

I want someone unique,i won't choose a girl who immitates someone whether in fashion or career because woman who immitates does not know what is good or bad for her & she lacks the ability to decide what she wants that all she would do is go with the flow.I won't go with a girl who doesn't uses her own mind.I woman who doesn't know her difference with other girls because she losses her own i dentity.

For me i would much admire a girl who is self -made rather than a girl who inherited her wealth.

I would admire & prefer someone who is educated but well mannered.Because not all who acquired higher education acts educated.Being educated for me means much more not just proven by the means of diplomas & certificates.I prefer omeone who thinks & act educated.

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