Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Is Being Mean A Good Thing"

Do you ever think to yourself, " I am really a great person!" when you're being really mean to someone else?

Definitely not,because no one is above others.We have no right to be mean to other people for the reason that we just want to.Nobody is perfect all get mad & loose their temper to the extent to be mean in interacting with others but we need to check ourselves from time to time on how we are behaving & treating other people.

Sometime i feel guilty if i mistreat or misjudged someone that don't deserved it.I think all commit mistakes what is imporatant is the will power to accept your mistake even it is not that easy because it would hurt your ego.There is nothing wrong in accepting our mistakes,we must learn from it.

I cannot say that a person is great if all he/she is capable of doing is usng his/her advantage to maltreat people to discrimate & harm people.No matter what achievements you may have in the society it doesn't mean a thing if you don't know how to treat people that surrounds you.

You should treat people how they treat you ,do not based it on their standing in the society.

No one should be treated less but you need to know how to depend yourself from the cruel ones.

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