Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Are Men Afraid To Be Engaged With A Serios Relationship?"


Why are men so afraid of COMMITMENT?

If you think men are afraid of commitment, there's something you should know.

Some other women don't ever run into this problem with men.
In fact, some other women have the exact opposite problem- all the men they meet are stumbling over themselves just to try and have more of their timeand attention.

Guess what?

Men aren't afraid of commitment.

Men are falling in love and proposing and getting married every day.
The truth is that men are secretly craving thelasting love and affection of the right woman.
Especially women they feel attracted to, and whothey feel would make their lives better and happier if they were with.

How do men feel with you when things start getting"serious"?

How do you make them feel when the subject of commitment comes up?

And how do you feel talking about this with a man?

Men become uncertain and get confused about what to do and what they want when they're with a greatwoman for 3 reasons:

1) They really are "messed up" emotionally (inwhich case, I think you already know the deal andwouldn't want to be with him in the first place)

2) The woman they're with either doesn't get howand why he wants to commit

3) The woman starts accidentally showing him thatshe's actually NOT the right woman by feeling or acting strange around the state of the relationship and where it's headed

If you've ever had a great man in your life suddenly change his mind after he was wild foryou before - and it wasn't because he was truly emotionally disturbed...

Then it's time you know what it is that makes aman want to commit to you, and how to make surehe sees you as the right woman for him.

Hint- does he think committing to you will trulymake his life better and easier?

Or is there something about you and your relationship that feels tough, limiting andchallenging for him?

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