Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Compatibility & Having The Same Values Are Very Important In Keeping A Marriage"

Perform a Love Test Before You Engage in Marriage

Love is the feeling of affection towards someone. In the love field, you simply do not choose who to love. You might choose who to live with for convenience but not who to grow fond of. A marriage for convenience needs a lot of patience and tolerance. To live happily the couple must device a way of dealing with things. In the love field, extremes are not encouraged. The opposite of love is hate. If you do not love your spouse, if he wrongs you he experiences a lot of hatred. This is a dangerous exercise since there is a possibility of harm. Love acts as a mediation factor in many disputes. Lack of it creates fights out of simple disagreements. Hard times in a relationship acts as a great love test.

Why are people murdering their spouses all the time? It is mostly out of bitterness. There are people who venture into marriage not because they are in love but because they have some other interests. They hook up with some one because they are hoping to be associated with something great. A wealthy and powerful man is always a target for many women. What happens when after marriage the money is gone with the wind? When the power goes down the drain? The marriage is shattered. In such a case the calamities act as a good love test. The love field becomes full of revenge activities. The pretense comes to an end and the true colors are revealed. It is under such circumstances that suicide and murder usually occur.

People should know that money and power are things which were once attained and can also go down the toilet. Love conquers all the troubles. It acts like a bond that keep many couples together. With money or no money, with power or no power a marriage that is genuine should stand firm. A love test will always be there and if you are keen to observe you will know whether your marriage relationship is purely based on love. In the love field of a malicious marriage, there are a lot of plotting games that go on. For example if you notice that your spouse withdraws fat amount of cash from an account and becomes rude when you ask for explanation, you should be cautious.

If you watch a love field of couples with an admirable marriage, they play the game with a lot of enthusiasm. There is no much effort in making things work out. Nature takes its course. They stand together and strong when they are undergoing a love test. Have you ever found yourself laughing when it is least expected? True love overshadows all the problems. When your partner is sick it is the perfect time to express all your love and concern to him/her. It should actually bring you together as a couple. Love is sweet when it is genuine so try your best not to force it. There is off course the unfairness of love where it is one sided. If the other party is unwilling, please relax and wait for your own true love.

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