Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Music For The Soul"

" Music In The World Of Hate"

Music has a huge impact to our lives just some people ignore it,if you try to internalized the songs that have a positive lyrics it can do a lot in your daily life:

I can say that music is the best stress reducer...

Listening to good Music is the best technique in handling anger instead of attending an anger management program & waste your money just listen to some relaxing music that can ease your anger & shift your mood into much more calm feeling.

You can try any kind that soothes your ears.But if you want to relax & have a nice rest try listening to instrumental.

Some don't give so much importance to music ,some just think it is just use by those who like to sing & dance & for entertaiment purposes only.

But there are more benefits than you realized in listening to a nice soothing sound,music is the way to a man's heart & soul...

Music can make a big influence in daily our lives,it can change your outlook in a more positive manner.I myself had proven that Music have a very powerful impact in my outlook in life.I can get strength in just listening to music,i get to relax if i'm in tension,i can able to change my mood quickly from being sad to being happy.Music had given me a major shift in my life,i'm just hoping i could share my knowledge that can help others to live a more happier & stress-free life.I won't be ashamed to admit that i had a life that is so much complicated & most people around dragged me down most of the time i feel alone that no one to turn to,no one to speak ,no one would really understand but still i try to be strong & be positive but still i'm still a normal person who get hurts & need an outlet to released my pain.That is why i have this eagerness to make others feel that they are needed & wanted.I want to share them my experiences so could will realized that they are not the only person who suffer.I want to be strong for the people that are weaker than me in that way helping them changed their outlook in life makes me achieve something that my family fails to share with me,the appreciation that i'm worth something.

Music become my friend & confiandant...some may think it crazy but if you will just let the soul of the music enter your heart you can find a feeling of acceptance.I know for some they would not understand what i'm trying to point out.But not try to understand it from an intellectual level but try to understand in your emotional level let your heart interpret it not your mind.

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