Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Do You Believe In Luck?"

To Be Lucky Or Not To Be?
Fortune or misfortune - lucky or unlucky - what type of human are you - a fortune or misfortune type ?? Learn how to be more lucky in life

Some people say they are unlucky


there is no UN-luck
there is NO misfortune

lack of luck is the result of lacking creation of luck for OTHERS

luck / fortune needs to be created by each individual
luck is nothing else but an accumulation of loving karma
luck is the driving force that guides you from fortunate decision to another fortunate decision
luck is the driving force that creates a chain of pleasant experiences one after another one

to be lucky requires

- to have a firm orientation on the sunny side and loving side of life
- to have pleasure in making OTHERS happy
- to have a mostly or entirely love filled life in all parts of life
- to be willing to learn to improve day after day

those who care more about others' well being above allwill have many to care for them and find a life carpeted with the loving well

-wishes from many others creating a driving force on the sunny side of life from one pleasant experience to another one

... eternally as long as the love FOR others is persistently greater than any other force in life

luck and fortune is nothing else but a solid vector toward God and Love manifested in all aspects of life resulting in a blessed life in all you do

unlucky or unfortunate is nothing else but the result of anger, revenge, stinginess, greed, laziness or absence of love in the majority of your life situations

having NO active powerful vector of love as driving force in your eternal life is like drifting on an ocean with an inflatable without steering nor sail - just at the mercy of prevailing winds and outside forces rather than unter your own control

if you are of the unlucky type
change your fortune by focusing on helping others, making others happy, sharing with others, loving others ...
and by working for the holistic benefit of all others above all
such changes in attitude will change your entire life as soon as you keep on working from the bottom of your heart toward making all others around you as happy as can besince you are learning here and now for eternity

- you may have to prove your well-wishes and luck

-creating intentions for decades or entire lifetime until you may start to experience the full power of re-bouncing luck yourselfthose who calculate out of sheer selfishness and try to create a little luck to gain a little luck surely shall failto be a lucky charm FOR others is an eternal achievement and eternal decision

- ONCE and forever to LOVE all and to make ALL happy !!

to be lucky is a pleasant way of life
to be lucky is NORMAL
to be lucky is what ALL will learn to be one day
to be lucky is like to be spoiled...

but spoiled as a result of your very own achievements of loving action toward many or all

to be lucky means that you create lucky situations for others
that you say YES to others when they might fear or deserve a NO
that you apply mercy to others when they would expect punishment
that you give others another chance when they used up ALL their chances they normally would have in life

loving people ALWAYS only are lucky
all life long
all eternity !!

Be a lucky charm for others
experience an eternity of luck in your own eternal life
it's FUN to be lucky
it's pleasant to be fortunate in life
it's a pleasure to be happy all the time
to create luck for others also can be described as creating a strong FORWARD motion FOR others

like a truck driving forward
another person or many persons succeeding in their life creates a "suction" pulling others along
for a bicycle driver driving behind a truck the efforts needed to progress is far less than when exposed to the full resistance of wind and elements all alone
the same suction forward is created when you help OTHERS to be happy, to be lucky, to be successful.

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