Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Learn To Appreciate The Simplicity Of Life"

There are many reasons to be happy,you just need to appreciate what you have
No matter how hard life is... we still find may reasons why we keep on existing...reasons why we keep on living.i am still very lucky that despite the hardship i am facing at this time, i am surrounded with many angels that keeps on guiding me along this journey...i am luckier than the people around the world who are dying of hunger...of poverty...of human inflicted sufferings.

Here in the Philippines alone, how many millions of Filipinos trying to make their lives better in trying to improve their lives alone...but in the end...much suffering is what
they owe. I pity them.. and i wanted to help them but i do not know how...because we are experiencing the same dilemma. Poor Filipinos.It is good that, still...we try to laugh along with these sufferings. We are cheerful people..optimistic!As long as i exist.. you exist...we exist...there are still many things to be done. Do not just exist. try to exist because of others...because others need you...because others are also existing because of you.

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