Thursday, June 12, 2008

"When Is The Right Time To Propose?"

When does a man propose to a woman - what is the right time to propose to a woman and what is the right time for a woman to accept a proposal for marriage.

Young men are as hungry for love as much as young girls are hungry for lovewith 12-14 years sexual maturity usually is reached and just a few years later the desire to have a partner arises ... 16-18 years of age for girls would be the ideal age to accept a proposal ... provided the girl has many years of working experience, loving experience, helping experience, healing experience and has helped her own family many years to acquire all the skills and knowledge needed for a happy marriage.

In western countries most girls waste their most fruitful years, the most valuable years that would be needed to mature and grow strong in their extended studies of intellectual topics rather than practical skills of real life.The very same applies to most men in the "civilized world".A man is ready to propose to a woman for marriage when he IS strong, when he has extensive experience in this world, on several continents, different jobs, hard jobs, demanding jobs and a variety of truly useful jobs - useful for real life.

A man proposes to a woman when he again has anchored his soul and heart in God, when he is strong and spiritual enough to guide his wife and a dozen children - his children and other children where available - to God. A man need to be strong and spiritual enough to guide his entire family home to God rather than into lost space of creation. A man without roots in God will get his entire family lost in life - and most likely as a last resort his family may separate and finally divorce to attempt another path toward God.

God and returning HOME to God is the ultimate goal of any and every soul.When a man proposes to a girl for marriage without being mature to know and go the path of love to God with is entire family - then he lacks any, even the smallest amount of true love and the sole purpose of his proposal is a short time selfish gain in pleasure.

A girl only can accept the proposal for marriagewhen she is ready to follow the joint path of love to God with her entire familywhen she feels a strong love from her husband to be to secure her entire family until God-union is reached when she is willing to accept guidance on the mutual path to God

when love is all she ever wants in a mutual life with a husband

if anything else is a girl's goal - then a marriage always will fail to an end

fail to result in all family members being truly happy

fail to make her husband happy

fail to make her children happy

fail to be happy herself as well selfish reasons and selfish goals other than love always end in disaster

to have a disaster in life - we need no husband and no wife... we all have plenty of disaster around us, inside us and behind us hence we all have

NO need at all in more disaster in life but we have a need for more true love we have a need for solutions

we have a need for strong partner with a pure heart and clean consciousness and mind

we have a need for a strong partner joining all efforts toward the one and only goal in life

God and Love for all

If neither man nor woman can fulfill the requirements to propose or to accept proposal for marriage some have an "emergency door"

One of the two partners to be has a Guru - a true God realized Guru - willing to guide BOTH home to God. One family by tradition always has one Guru where needed. Both need to agree to accept guidance - both need maturity to follow and convert guidance, both need to agree to focus on God and Love above all in all their mutual life and beyond.

Both need to be willing to learn to improve love and to grow stronger and stronger in their hearts and bodies as well.True marriage only can be happy and of lasting nature if BOTH are strong in their heart and body, if both are strong enough to help others, to support others, to adventure thru life together, to accept challenges together - to share all life together and to say and prove a full YES to each other and to each other's marital needs of love, care and divine romance every day ... eternally.

Teach your children to grow strong as of the age of 5-10 by giving more and more freedom, by allowing them to share the work of father and mother to learn all and everything they are interested in. Give your children the opportunity to earn their own money as early as age 8-10 - even while at school - part time each day can be spent for useful jobs suitable for children, baby sitting, household help for elderly, and many other jobs - a few days now and then to start with, more hours on a more regular basis as they grow beyond age 10-12.

Strong children turn into strong adults year after year and can take care of their own true needs in life much better than intellectual student children who wasted their first 2 or more decades of life living at the expense of society without ever having learned a truly practical job for life. To make happy and to be happy neither graduation nor high school or university diploma are needed - but the willingness, strength and readiness to work any job that needs to be done no matter what.

Whoever "sees work" to be done also feel needs for love to be given and hence such young people turn into much better lovers and humans than graduate intellectuals who need formulas or rules for any job they do in life.

Help your children to have a better and above all a happier future by allowing your kids to grow strong as soon as the opportunity arises in their life.Children love to be with mother and father - hence children should be allowed to share any time they wish with mother and father in their own family business, during recreation and at home as well. Include your children in all aspects of your daily life, professional life as well as family life.

The gratifying result will be that your children will be ready for true love by the time their body, heart and soul is ready to be happy and to make happy. That usually is the time when the one and only right partner would be ready as well.

Help your children to be strong and ready to propose to the one and only as soon as they meet by allowing your children the freedom to adventure, to grow and to experience as much as they wish - with you, under your direct guidance and supervision as well as free from your direct supervision.

Latest beyond age 12 all normally grown up children are ready to venture into real life without parents - to grow on their own, to communicate with all others on their own. All normally grown up children still maintain the gift of love in their heart and communication - hence children are much more likely to succeed in a loving way on their own than many adults do.Children have a fresh spirit of natural loving happiness they spread into the hearts of others - children still know how to do things in life by intuition rather than by counsel of a lawyer.

Truly loving parents should have one single desire in their heartthe true happiness of each and all of their children with who ever their children chose as a partner - farmer or technician, fishermen or gardener, millions of different jobs can support a family and keep all family happy and together.

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