Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Older Men Are More Attractive For Most Women"

Why Do Older Men Desire Younger Women

Why is it that older men desire younger women? Maybe even go as far as to say girls. While we know we have those guys that enjoy surfing porntube or the teen girls on web porn or trying to find the most provocative pictures of Britney Spears on the net; those are not the type of guys I’m talking about. I am talking about the type of guy that……. I’ll get back to that. Lets look at the man that’s in his mid thirties and older. what is it about this age that makes a man desire a female so much younger than himself?

Try and step away from the typical idea that floats through a persons head like “mid life crisis”, ”pervert”, “cradle robber” or “predator”. Any man on this earth would be a liar if no matter what age they are if they wouldn’t admit that they can spot a very attractive female no matter what her age is. Noticing an attractive gal is a far cry from acting on it. Just because a man may be in his sixties or seventies doesn’t mean that he has gone blind or forgot what a good looking gal looks like. Keep one thing in mind; men are for the most part stimulated by sight first. That’s why sex on T.V. sells so much. Now that we have covered the obvious, lets dig deeper.

There are those men out there that have lived life in the fast lane and have been there and done that when it comes to dating, women, drinking, drugs, rock-n-roll, and the like. Some, but not all would admit that if they had a chance to change their past, they would. But, because it is not possible to change your past only make changes for your future, these men are having to live with the choices and mistakes in their past. In doing so, these men have realized a few things. They have realized that all their past girlfriends, one night stands and flings, left a lot of regret not just for himself, but also for the females that have shared themselves with him. In other words, he used her or them. Coming to terms with that one point is a huge life changing step in a persons thinking and view on life and relationships. Easy, loose, uninhibited tramps are no longer an option.

Consciously or subconsciously, this type of man has a strong desire to make amends either with himself or with someone else. In doing so, this man is bound and determined to make sure that he can find a pure undefiled young lady to have as his own to treat with respect, dignity and to make darn sure that this angel of his never has to go through the terrible life of “today’s typical woman”.

What is “today’s typical woman”? Anything to do with sex, looks, money and a fine body. Is every woman like this? No. but, to make my point; lets just use T.V. as an example. back when T.V. was in black and white, the women all dress in dresses for the most part. They were conservative in their dress. Bedroom scenes if there were any, the man had to keep one foot on the floor if in bed as to not let things get way out of control. Now, what do we have today? sex, skin, next to nothing on clothes, big boobs, breast implants, condoms for sale, STD medications and so on. I think you get the idea.

This amends with his angel is to make sure that she stays as pure as possible in this day and age. Meaning, he has hopes that he will be the only man she will ever be with. In turn for this faithfulness, he will treat her like the princess that she deservers to be treated like. Still, this doesn’t mean that the man is going to lower his standards of what she looks like. Remember, he has been with one if not a few good lookers in the past and his visual sense hasn’t changed, just his mind-set.

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