Friday, June 6, 2008

"Success In Life"

Why some people cannot succeed

The measurement of success depends on the individual. It doesn't have to be owning a mansion on a hill or a multi-million dollar empire. Success can be found in the person who is kind and helps those less fortunate, a mentor to children or a great parent. Unfortunately, some don't have a clear definition and deem themselves a failure in comparison to other's success.

People who succeed have a positive mind-set and a purpose to fulfill their goals and meet their dreams with passion. They don't impose stumbling blocks onto themselves. They live life as if they have already succeeded. To quote Lao Tzu - "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." Successful people take this first step!

False labels

One cannot succeed if their worst enemy is the one reflected in a mirror. Those who do not succeed, often label themselves as a failure, thus hindering their path. For some, the ground work for failure may have been laid early in life. They may not have experienced an upbringing that offered support and encouragement - one that nurtured the development of a positive self-image that says, "you can do it". This baggage from the past may be carried so heavily, the mind-set for success is distorted.

Negative attitude

If a positive attitude and a nurturing thought process are lacking, an individual may undermine their own strength, weakening any motivation to move ahead. Their fear of what others think can build a wall so high they cannot climb beyond the rut they are in. People who are stagnant, often don't analyze why they are in the same place they were years ago. In order for things to change, you have to make changes.

Distorted focus

People tend to spend more time focusing on problems than they do the solution. Focusing on the problem enhances it more and puts a gap between you and the solution. Keeping record of what is perceived to be failures is destructive. Small successes count and offer the confidence to succeed even more.

Lack of patience and perseverance

Instant gratification rarely gets us anywhere. The road to success may be slow, but it takes patience and perseverance to get there. Potential cannot be fulfilled if we give up. Patience is power, allowing us to discern our path with wisdom and armors us against hasty endeavors that may backfire. Perseverance keeps us on a steady course.


Thoughts are pretty, but without action, you won't get very far. Procrastinators sabotage themselves, often feeding themselves lies or are afraid to make decisions. They are their worst critic and instead of taking a step forward, they'll make a thousand excuses why they can't.
People "can" succeed. Passion is the driving force behind dreams. When we stop dreaming, we stop believing. When we stop believing, we stop living. It's never too late to light the flame of passion and take that first step on a journey to success. The only failure is not trying. Define your success. Look at the world and yourself with new eyes and bring to life, the vision.

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