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"Interracial Relationship love does not define race"


Would you ever date outside of your race?

Definitely yes,I don't see anything wrong dating someone from different race or someone who has a different ethnicity than yours.It is just a matter skin color & physical differences.It is the compatibility that counts.Physical appearance is just one factor you have to consider if you are looking for someone you can have a relationship.There are more important factors to consider to make a relationship works.What important is the respect that you are both willing to give to make things work out for your relationship.You need to ask yourself what are your reasons why you are into or no into interracial dating?Then you can decide what can be the best for you.

Thoughts on interacial relationships? I am in one and just wonder what people think these days...

I think there is nothing wrong with it,it is just a race.What matters more is the person inside,how is he/she as a person.I believe that racists are someone should be avoided for that reason you can see what kind of person they are.

How do yo feel about interracial couples?

I'm happy for them,because to fall in love with someone far different from you...seems strange but definitely interesting.....i love adventure & learning different things so marrying someone from different race will give me the exitement that i'm looking for.

I wanna start dating white men, but I dont think they like black women so white boys would you date me?

In my point of view & from my experiences,attraction really don't depend on ethnicity,anyone can attract is a matter of self-trust & uniqueness.Try to be different from others.But don't try to attract men bec. the more you try to attract the more they are likely to repel

Would you ever marry outside of your race?

Yes,why not...marrying someone whether it is the same race or not is noth the matter of question here.Sometimes we planned or have been mindset to marry someone that we dreamed or choose to marry but out of the blue this might all changed when you fall for the person you feel to be with for the rest of your life.Marrying is never been planned bec. if it is you can never be truly my point of view i believe in destiny that there is someone out there for you.It is up to you if you are willing to wait for that special someone.Remembere True Love can move mountains.

Do you believe in interracial relationships?

Yes,Of course..there had been many successful interracial relationships that lead to marriages.

What are the good things about interracial dating?

All relationships have PROS & CONS it is how you handle your relationship.It depends on different individuals,how they see things,how they see their future & how they want it?

Interracial Dating is for someone to learn more in life,someone who can respect others point of views & beliefs.

Interracial Dating is for someone who is attracted with someone different from his/her race.

Interracial Dating is for someone who is interested to widen his/her knowledge about different culture aside from his own.

Would you let your child marry a person with a different skin color?

Yes,why would'nt i.It is just a skin color.I'm an Asian In Love with a European we have different skin color but that is not a valid reason not to fall for someone that has a different skin color than yours.Individuals that believe that you should not marry someone who differs from you is someone whose ignorant & has a little understanding about the true meaning of Love & Humanity.In love we are all equal...

I won't interfere with my childrens decision regarding that matter.I'll respect their decision because it is their life & they are the one who should choose who they want.I will give them the right to decide bec. it is what i want for myself.I wouldn't want to be dictated by others.

This my life & i will live the way i wanted it to be.


I’m more attracted to women outside of my own ethnicity. Is it wrong to have an appearance preference?

All people has different preferences on how they see physically attractivenes.There is absolutely nothing wrong to have some preferences or personal standards.All people do have preferences ust some are not that vocal with there choices & some just keep their to themselves bec. they don't want to be criticized or judged by others that they are aspiring something that they don't deserve.All people are attracted in beautiful things that includes physical appearance of the opposite sex.We all have the right to choose what person we are attracted, whether that person is tall or short,some are attracted to asians ,some to europeans...all have their personal choices in means of physical attractiveness.But remember physical attributes is just a skin deep that fades in time.What you need to consider is the personality & character that makes the person more attractive than just his/her physical attributes.

For me beauty is empty without a brain & a soul that would accompany this,true beauty is not just having a perfect symetrical face & figure.

How do people really feel with black men/white women relationships? Seriously...

Speaking frankly many people see this odd but it is none of our businesses anyway.If they are happy with their relationship it really doesn't matter what other think about a white woman dating a black man.What really is important, is how they feel for each other & the rest just let them stare & analyzed.Don't live your life minding what may others think or say about you!As long that you know that you are not doing anything wrong...just follow what you really want in life bec. at the end of the road it is only you that matters.

Would any women here date an indian guy, i'm being serious here?

Yes,there is nothing wrong dating an Indian Guy.I personally can say most Indian Guys do have a nice eyes & sharp nose that are attractive but i'm really not that attracted with Indians but if i would fall for someone who is an Indian,i will let myself fall even head over heals.It is not about ethnicity it is about falling in love with someone you really don't expect seeing yourself with.

I dont understand why interracial relationships are so horrible to some people, is it ignorance or have the times really not changed as much as we say?

It has nothing to do with time or century.The problem is the ignorance of the people who practiced being a racist without a valid reasoning that can justify their ignorance.We had said it that this people are ignorant then how will we expect them to understand things that their minds can't reach.Just don't join them,stand for what you believe, do the right thing...

Respect & always put yourself in the shoes of others before you judge them.

How do you feel about a man with an accent?

It is be unique & unfamiliar with the things you are used to is very interesting.

Why do white guys likes asian girls and white girls doesn't like asian guys?

Some do & some don't it depends with each individual it has nothing to do with the ethnicity.All races have gorgeous men & women that it is not impossible that two different races be attracted with someone who belongs to another race

Does not dating outside of one's race constitute that person being a racist?

Not necessarily,you can marry someone from different race & be still a racist.Being a racist is a perception on how you discriminate people from different races,it has nothing to do with or without marrying someone from different race it is how you accept all individuals as a person & the equality that all has the right to experienced & to be treated as they should be.

Do you believe more people would date/marry interracially as time passes on? Do you think society would accept people mixing interracially by then?

Yes,If all individuals all over the world would learn to fight for the one they chose to marry not the one that the society decides what's right for them...then i believe time will come that interracial relationships will be more accepted by the society.If all will stand for what they want & not just sat down & cry.Speak out for the name of Love then you can be truly happy.
Don't let others decide for your own happiness,don't be scared to be judged & humiliated by others.

Are you interracially married/dating, or do you know anyone who is interracially married or dating?

Yes,I'm dating someone who differs from my ethnicity & i'm very nuch happy with him.We both belong to different races but i really feel at ease with him.He is the one who i can say knows me best.

If a guy is a former racist and was dating interracially, and later married that girl, would it be alright if he confessed to his partner of another race that he used to have racial tendencies, like in the past?

Yes, absolutely there is nothing wrong to admit that you are sorry for being a racist,all commit mistakes,change is never too late after all.We all do have this tendency what is imporatant is the honesty between you & your partner.You should have the courage to admit it because keeping it to yourself will just add up to your burden.Discussing it out with your partner will clear the bridge that connects you both that will strengthen your foundation as a couple.So,to all please take my advice it is better not to be a racist because you might be the one who will eat your words & end up marrying someone from the race you hated most.

Statistically, are interracial relationships more or less likely to succeed compared to 'traditional' relationships?

I don't think so,relationships does not depend on ethnicity whether it is interracial or traditional relationship.It is how we value the word relationship & commitment.The success of any relationship depends on both couples on how they want their relationship to work out.

Would you date somebody of a different race even though your friends and family disapprove?

Yes,why not it is me who will be having the raletionship with him not them.I'm old enough to know what is good & what is not.God gave as all the power to think so why rely your future to others.They think that he is not good for you...that is what they think!what is imporatant is what you think follow what your heart tells you.Remember love is a gamble you should play the game for able to win.Love is win all or loose all whatever happens the important thing is you had loved rather not love at all.

Girls: Which guys of ethnicity do you find most attractive, and what is your race?

For me i think Hispanic & Europeans...I'm an Asian & i want a Guy who can carry me & treat me like his little sister that is why i would prefer this ethnicity for me most men from this races are very manly & sexy.

I am far deep in love with this amazing guy who is black. I'm white, but he feels the same way and wishes to come visit me from out of state. My parents know, but disagree with the idea of interracial relationship. Any advice?
If you truly love this person & you think he is worth figthing for,go for it!Just think first if you are really ready to sacrifice for this person.Ask yourself are you willing to depend this person no matter what.Talk to your parents & try to explain your side & ask them to respect your decision.

Yes,maybe he must had some bad experiences from the past or maybe he had encountered some asians that does not have pleasant personalities.Discuss things out tell him that you respect his point of view but he should realized that not all asians are stupid after meeting you that he should not generalized because it is not just asians who have stupid individuals , all races have this type of person.

All person has their sensitive side,just don't tell someone things that might hurt you bec. it could be the same thing for them.Learn his culture & race & try to respect his point of can discuss things without hurting someone it is learning how to deliver your speech,how you say it & what particular words you should use.

Don't let the negative thoughts eat you.If you love someone you should learn to trust them.

Remember that what occured to others may or may not happen to you,why think the things that are not yet happening & may not happen.We are different people with different destiny why compare yourself with someones life.Just trust & have faith is you are meant it will be if not then that is destined to happen.

If you was interracially married, would you move a far distance from your parents if they were racist?

Yes,because negative remarks wil affect your personal outlook no matter how you ignore it,It will just create a bigger problems for both of you.That might contribute in ruining your marriage,your other half will have a hard time because he/she knows that he/she is not accepted by your family & living near them will just make the situation intense that will caused pressure for both parties.

Should a woman think of dating a guy that is ten years younger? He thinks that the woman is only about three to five years older (due to her appearance and style of dress)?

Age really doesn't matter as long you love the person.Age is not a basis of maturity it depends on each individuals,their point of views & perspectives.I known some 60's men who act like a irresponsible teenager & there are some on their 20's yet act like they are in their 40's.
So maturity does not come with age.

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