Sunday, July 6, 2008

"My Great Destination"

"The soul wants, the soul waits. And I could never take a chance of losing love to find romance." - Alejandra Manzano

The Dream

Shiny satin -dressed up knight,

Come and steal me in the night

In the mild veil the moon weaves,

And in the clear whispers of the leaves...

Carry me to dream-like places,

Far away,to Loire's palaces,

In iris-blue garnments of silk

Cover me in colour thick...

Blue roses,my dear,

Sprinkle in the bed,here,

Under the stars of the sky

Let only us love each other,my ...

And perfume of violets,please,

Throw around me like a breeze.

Tossing your hair so nice

With diamonds in the night-your big eyes.

Come and show me

The secrets of the castle,see,

Precious stones in chests

And smart rooms for guests,

Carnival halls,With mirror-walls,

And silver candelabrum

Run around in steps of waltz...

See,long vaporous dresses,

Curled up eye-lashes,

Knights with long mantles,

Floors of marble fair...Roses in the girls' hair,

Heavy,shiny necklaces,

Knights with beautiful hair and faces,

That appear out of hidden places...

Translated by my sister.

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