Tuesday, July 8, 2008


For the most beautiful thing ...

Because of you ….
Now I can see & feel the sunshine
Now.. I can be the person I always dreamed of .

Because of you…..

I can smile…NO..
I can laugh..
I can see the light again

And now finally …..

I can tell….
I can scream ..and say I love you
because .. My heart is beating again..

And you totally make me insane …

you and only you…

can make me laugh while my tears
are falling down on my cheeks .
and because of that, and every thing you do…

I finally realized that am in love with you You..

the only person who own my heart…

And I believe that..
You…me & my heart..
We never can be apart.

And I don't need any thing more…
because every time I fall into your arms..
I stare at your eye's…realizing their charm..

It gives me a feeling I've never felt like before
And it's enough for me..

To give the right to never Put my foot ever again on the floor...

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