Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Why Do Racism Exist?"

why is there racism? is it ignorance? and can progress be made, and will it involve tolerance?

Racism exist because there are people who don't know how to practice the true meaning of humanity & how to make their lives more meaningful.

In my point of view racists are those people who lacks self-esteem that they pretend to be confident enough but underneath this facade they have personal issues that they are in denial to admit in a way they use to prejudice as an outlet of their insecurities.

It is easy for them to hide their insecurities by pretending that they dominate others but the reality behind this facade is they know deep inside them that they are loosers that needs to hide behind the weaknesses of others.

Racism is a practiced of ignorance even racist itself can't be able to give you a valid reason why they discrimate other people bec. of race or religion.Come to think of it where is the logic there.
For me racists are ignorant people that are looking for an escape goat so that they can have a good excuse for being Idiot.

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