Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Success,What does it really means to you?Do you really know the answer?"

How to attain the true meaning of Success

Different people has different dreams & goals that they want to achieve.Some wants to be famous in the entertainment industry,some dream to become a scientist & some wants to be a writer.There are millions of dreams that are waiting to be reach.Whatever you may want to achieve in life be sure it is the one you really wanted.Most of us are blinded of what's the true success means,if you ask most people majority would tell success in life depends on how much wealth you had accumulated in your entire life.Most people see life is just about popularity & power,being in the high society having the position & money to rule is being used to gauge how much is the person's worth.People let the money control their lives ,their greediness to have it all no matter what ignoring the things that are more important than money like humanity to all men & the practice of self-worth with unselfish intentions.I'm not saying that there is something wrong in being rich & having power,all wants that ,also i myself admit that i have ambitions & dreams that i want to fulfill & one of those is to become successful in all the things i do & reach the goal to be financially free,all want a nice life.But what is the important factor & we should focus on is how we will going to attain our dreams with being selfish & manipulator.How to attain our goals in such a nice way that we can be proud of without using anybody or pulling somebody down just for our own selfish ambitions.

Life is not just money....i'm not telling that this is not important.All people need it.......i myself want to have a comfortable life.....all people wanted that.But some can be so greedy in expense of their happiness at the end not knowing they are left empty.In my age i already experienced all the hatred,sorrow & emptiness.........thati s what have made me a stronger principles is still intact even a lot has changed still looking to have better future.That is what i'm going to strive for to have a happy a good wife

To be there emotionally,spiritually,physically for my husband & we will be helping each other to give a better future for our kids.

I recently have found everything I wanted in life. GOD made it possible for me to discover the ultimate purpose of my existence on earth. GODs plan was not for me to inhabit earth but for far more greater things beyond this life. My life is being processed through this earthly system, testing the limits of my endurance and getting my faith standing up in this world of uncertainity. I praise GOD for my calling, my whole hearted thanks to my ALMIGHTY for hand picking me from the lowest dungeons of my sinful self and creating a new heart and soul in me. HE disregarded my old sinful life and created a new begining from where i left off, thats the beauty of GOD ALMIGHTY, he respects mortal man's decision making. The sad part is HE owns human life and yet he doen't force HIS way in demanding to be part of our lives, he relentlessly knocks on our doors seeking permission to enter. Thats an awesome feeling knowing that we've being given the previlege to decision making when we don't own the very breath that we take for granted to presuming owning.

It is a mistake to fall inactivily because we beleive that we can't change the world. We have a destiny and purpose, all ours. We are capable of making a different in the world, everything we do should be in love an kindness and never should we waste time or energy, it counts. We may not save the world but will create a winding path of winsome event that leads to happiness and serenity.

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