Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"The Undying Love"

"Titanic Love"

Persistence is the inevitable key of triumph in love. A lover does not care about his/her ego or materialism while in love. All energy is focused towards winning his/her partner for eternity. Such love is huge in interpreting all meanings of love and can be termed as titanic love. A few useful suggestions for achievement of titanic love are given here.

1.Loyalty and faithfulness earns respect and trust of your lover.

2.Honesty is simple yet possesses far reaching consequences in any relationship and specially in love.

3.The ultimate urge to give love. The formula is lucid enough for everyone, that is , give love and get love.

4.Hate is lethal poison which brings vanity and downfall of even a good solid relationship.

5.Counseling looks funny to some and others feel hesitant over its utility in practical sense. In fact counseling is very vital as it brings a professional opinion to provoke reforms in your relationship. It is clear that when you are advised in any case, actually you are availing an opportunity of sharing someone's wit, along with your own , which helps you to make worse things better.

6.The most loathsome affair involved here is money and materialism. The involvement of some business profit, any type of gain, avarice of money and going for materialistic stuff ruins a relationship for sure. In such case, love is replaced by some kind of proposal to gain money or any other benefits.

7.The concept of love is universal with all its implications and demands. Titanic love is independent of devilish thinking and behavior.

It is quite transparent that the general needs of titanic love does not rely on lust or greed. The meaningful adaptation of such form and method will definitely help is bringing a distinctively fruitful change in your relationship and will push you towards better understanding of love.

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