Friday, July 4, 2008

"Eyes Are The Windows Of Our Souls"

Abundance of the Heart
AM for everyone

We can never repay the kindness of others to us unless we show kindness to others too". That was one of the few good quotes that stand out even to this day.

How many times we were in a situation when there seemed to be no solution at all? And all of a sudden someone or something will change it for the better. We may consider it as a gift from above or from whatever mysterious force around us. Nevertheless we cannot take it as a mere coincidence.

Everything has its reason and every reason will lead to the realization that in the end there is "someone" who watch us through this life. It may be God or something as natural as life itself. With this discovery, we may ask ourselves that indeed humans are not evil at all. Our heart are full of love that should be shared to others. It may sound as utopia version of the future but it should be like that. We should not live in hatred that lead to war and destruction.

We must take every person as the most valuable asset in the world. And with this blogs, I cannot help but give thanks to all the person who help me to whatever I am right now. I know that they know that they are the one I am referring here. And I am praying always that in due time I can repay them by giving good deeds to others too.

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