Friday, July 4, 2008

"Stop War,War Just Plant Hatred"

Shock and Awe
AMfor everyone

World War Two was ended by dropping of nuclear bombs in the cities of Japan. It was so devastating that it totally destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It leaves a lifetime scars that reminds us all of the destruction that we have made and able to make to sacrifice mankind for everlasting peace. The mushroom-like clouds seen after the dropping of the bombs reminds us all that the evil power inside us was unleashed and will stay with us forever. Shock and awe!

War in the Gulf was initiated and ended by using high-tech gadgetry of weapons of mass destruction. Missiles lighted up the sky of Middle East that signified the supremacy of United States when it comes to modern warfare. And no one dared to stop. And almost everyone was in shock. What has happened? Again our world was in the brink of extinction. Extinction from our very own doings. Shock and awe!

It was a fine day of September eleventh 2001 in New York City. The megapolis woke up from the usual sleepless night. It was indeed a perfect day to the usual routines of the Big Apple. All of a sudden a misguided airplane crashed into the World Trade Center building. An accident indeed in the first analysis but another plane hit the second building. And indeed no accident was happening. They were not misguided planes. On the contrary they were perfectly guided planes to destroy and brake into its knee the symbol of Americas's wealth. And the two buildings collapsed. Its colossal concrete and steel smashed into what we know today as Ground Zero. And together with it, thousands of innocents lives were wasted for the gratification of the enemies of democracy and the United States. Shock and awe!

No matter what the situation is, we are always devastated by the news of unexpected tragedies in our life. Whether is of global concern or of personal one we are not ready to face the reality at once. Our psychological defense mechanism is shattered and paralyzed when our relationship with our loved ones has ended.

Our sanity is outbalanced when we realized that our long-cared friendship ended painfully. We cannot accept the truth that we are somehow fooled and betrayed by our trusted friends. But life indeed has given us another precious gift; The gift of healing.

Through times our mind will learn to forget the dark moments when the world seemed to end, when our problems are so great to bear. Through times we tend to smile again amidst the pain and agony. And we learn to forgive. We learn to appreciate that those problems are just hurdles of life to conquer. And in the end we will realize that the world is indeed beautiful. It is beautiful even though evil lurks in every corner of our enemy's heart.

Life is beautiful even though others will stop at nothing to destroy us.

Our life and the world are not only beautiful but the only one we have and will cherish for the rest of our existence.

And we will not be in shock and awe. We will be cheerful and glorious. Not in danger but in peace.

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