Friday, July 4, 2008

"Life Is A Matter Of Choice"

If I could change anything ,
then I would change everything...

I believe in freedom. I believe in responsibility. Those are the main ingredients of existentialism as we know it. I believe that we are here on earth not trapped of the evolutionary changes that took long time ago, millions of times ago. Yes we are the products of the so-called big bang or whatever theory that they may suggest but in the end it is our decision that matters. And those decisions are our private act that reached us into the future. Every action that we may take today will definitely connect us to the future. Or to say it simple, today is just the yesterday of the future.

Previously, I always say that if I have once chance to go back into my life again and have the power to change everything, I will not change a single moment of it. But now I am beginning to change it. If I have the power to change almost anything, I will change everything. I will not change the real friends that I have, the parents that I have, especially my father. I will definitely wanted him to be alive. I will change some crisis that I have.

However, that will not be possible. I realized that what happened just happened. But the good news is, what will happen in the future will be very different if I will just think and decide the best for myself today.

I cannot change anything in the past. But I will definitely can change the future.

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