Friday, July 4, 2008

"Faith Is A Belief That Don't Seek Evidence"

Have A Little Faith
There are moments in our life that we want to give up. These are the times when everything seemed to shut up and all the doors of escape has been padlocked. Everyone once in a while experienced this phenomenon when no one seemed to be there and nothing can be done but just do nothing. It happened to me many times. It had happened to me and I was not ready to face them but with a little faith and a lot of love I surmount every obstacle that seemed to be very impossible to get out with.

Maybe God really wants us to put in that situations when all we have to do is just pray and wait for HIS Divine Guidance. Maybe God really wants us to test if our faith and belief can withstand all the adversaries of life. And maybe God really wants those evil things to happen just to remind us that HE is always be there for us even though we think that HE abandoned us in every desperate moments.

But God does not sometimes directly rescue us. He send "angels" so that we can feel HIS presence. How many times that when we are in a crisis some unusual friend or someone will offer us his or her help? How many times when we are about to give up, there are past memories that will suddenly popped-out and will remind us how lucky we were before and we soon realized that this crisis of the moment is just another way of living or existence? And God does not fail and will never fail us. Sometimes HIS timing and purpose of giving us so much problems are incomprehensible but at the end of the tunnel we can see HIS light that will give us eternal peace. And we should not have little faith. We gotta have Big Faith. Faith to move on. Faith to carry on. Faith that can only be our own salvation into this cruel world!

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