Monday, July 7, 2008

"Priceless Wealth"

A Solemn Treasure

So long have I searched and waited
For a treasure for me to keep
Not just a simple thing but instead
A precious one that runs deep
Inside my heart it slowly drowns
My tears and terror that upholds
A face that often frowns
To a smiles that greet the olds.
So long I waited into the dark
A light to guide, I try to seek
Suddenly I found a tiny spark
That bloomed into radiance at its peak
I tried to wake up but I learned that it’s true
I tried to blink my eyes, but there was still you
This treasure makes me happy
In a way I’ll never understand
Maybe it’s a joke that makes me feel jazzy
All the time that alone I stand
Maybe it’s the feeling of security
That it brings forward to me
I maybe its just simplicity
That makes my world shine with glee
All the times I’m with this treasure
The rest of my world I forget
This darling treasure forever I’ll worship
Though this treasure I just met
So clear to me this treasure so forgotten
My precious, cherished, my sweet

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