Monday, July 7, 2008

"Expressed Your Appreciation"

" Time Of Love "

When you fall in love with somebody prove it and show it. If you love someone you respect her/him and you will love her/him truly you don't need to be perfect but you must be with yourself be what you are? you don't need to change your personalities nor yourself but change what is wrong to you and try to be honest with her/him

If you feel that you don't love her/him anymore say it to her/him with respect don't change her/him. If you had a mistakes try to say SORRY to her/him and try to understand her/him when she/he had done wrong to save your RELATIOSHIP. If you are BROKEN HEARTED don't give up because there's a lot of people can love you.

Always remember that you must have TRUST to each other because if you have this you can CONQUER all the trials that can be happen in you're relationship and also don't believe easily on what other says just believe in your PARTNER.

Because you can't really know who's the REAL people that you encounter in life.Some of them try to DESTROY your relationship. MUST think carefully or think TEN times before you make a DECISION. If you RESPECT her/him it means that you LOVE her/him TRULY!!!!!!

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