Friday, July 4, 2008

"Facts About Life & Experiences"

Arriane Begins
for everyone

The world lives in news. There is news of national interests and some are nonsense news. Journalists thrive on their journey to bring out and tell the world of the truth about what is happening and what really is important for people to know. They are willing to gather it in whatever ways possible as long it does not violate any ethical and moral obligations to society. I had watched once again “Perfect Strangers” by Hale Berry and Bruce Willis.

It exemplifies the twisted reality where news becomes a powerful weapon that could destroy everyone in such a orderly manner. I believed in the objectivity of journalism but in the end it is about the subjectivity that surrounded the situations which created that news. Although all are factual information that we can see in news but how it is constructed and how it is being reported makes it the greatest weapon of all. A single headline can start a revolution. A single headline can make us cry. And a single headline can ruin our economy.

I am a journalist and will be a journalist forever. Even though I am not writing in a daily paper or in college publication, the net provided me the necessary tools to tell the truth. I have so many stories to be written in such a fashionably style so that it will not as dry as an ordinary story which we hear everyday. And I write not about the complexities of societies but the simplicity of life that becomes unbearably complex along the process of everyday living. I will keep on writing as long as there are words and as long as there are readers even if it is I alone.
And by this gift of writing I can make a difference. Maybe I can shed a light on my own problems. I can even awaken my loved ones to feel what my heart deeply wants to say. Maybe I can publish a book in the future where it contains all the blogs that I have written all these years. Maybe I can be the likes of Paulo Coelho or John Grisham that really influences us in their writing. And makes us happy too.

And writing just like this one makes me realized that I am capable of loving. I am capable of loving our cruel world even if it is very unfair. I am capable of loving everyone even though they have motives of their own. With that writing can be viewed as a noble endeavor that really leaves un imprints of our minds so that others can ponder on it. Others can relate also to what we are going through with our life. Maybe we are describing something that they are experiencing also at the moments. Maybe they can feel that they are indeed not alone in this world that their sufferings can be viewed as just a natural phenomenon that the Almighty God has given us.

Indeed we all have the gift of words. It is one of the many human capabilities that separate us from the animal kingdom. We can comprehend words and be affected by them. A single text can make us cry. A single hi or hello can make us smile. And a single I love you uttered by a sincere person can bring the other to feel loved. And even our unspoken words or gestures can be understood by someone who really know us.

And all of these fall under the communication functions of human. We are molded by nature or God to be able to use our gift of communication to connect ourselves to others. Others may not understand it at once but eventually what we really want to say will be heard. What we really mean will be understood. And may this piece of work will be read by my future children and that they will continue the tradition of writing which we shared altogether.

And “Ana Begins” begins to play. It is a song by “Counting Crows” that serves as background music while I am writing this. And it is beginning to end. And this article will end also along its music. But there are millions of songs, means millions of writings are awaiting to be written unless we run out of words which are impossible to happen. And words in the end will remain words. Words of Wisdoms.

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