Friday, July 4, 2008

"Unsaid Words"

Unsaid Unsent
AM for everyone

How many times that we should have told someone something that we really wanted them to know? How many times that we failed to inform them about what we really we wanted to say? How many times we postponed some announcements because we knew it will be devastating? How many time we say hi and goodbye but we really didn’t meant it? How many times we only keep to ourselves the sweet nothings that should be heard by our loved ones? How many times we did not greet our loved ones in their special occasions but we knew that they are waiting for us to say it?

And how many times that we really want to write but did not materialized because we suspend our judgments regarding other matters? How many times we tend to forget to send cards full of heartwarming words for our loved ones on their special occasions? How many times we did not appreciate the emails that we received from our loved ones? And this may be the right time that this article be sent to you. And may you understand the importance of remembering those who loved us, those who are willing to sacrifice for us. And the unsent and unsaid be out for the world to know!

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