Friday, July 4, 2008


A Conversation With My Wife
AM for everyone

They have said that marriage is a very long conversation with your wife. It is a long series of conversations that will lead to many things. It will lead to a better communications and deeper understanding of our loved ones. It is an exchange of different opinions and struggles so that our words will eventually be followed. It is a long series of exchange of sweet nothings that will lead to intimacy. Until then we will be used to the everyday conversation with our partner in life. And we are not running out of ideas.

They say that is the very essence of love and marriage; good communication. As long as we understand our husband or wife we are indeed in good marriage. As long as we would like to talk to her or him about everything our family will continuously flourished. We will share the same dreams for our children, and we will commit to the same binding that as long as we live we will talk and care for each other. And when nothing has to say our gestures will replace as if he or she is really our better half.

Even though I am not married now, maybe I had many conversations with my “wife”. I may not know it but she is the one I have talk to “yesterdays” or “todays”. Maybe we exchange opinions about everything that matters. Maybe she is just right there but not yet discovered since my world is preoccupied by those distractive environments that blocked our real communication. I may not know her but I think I can feel her presence and maybe someday we will share the same house doing the same conversations that I wished someone I could talk to for the rest of my life.

I don’t know but maybe I am talking to you.

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