Friday, July 4, 2008

"Too Much Of Everything"

Youtube Nation
for everyone

Every move that you take. Every sound that you make. Every scandal that you created. Definitely one day it will be on Youtube. This decade shall be called an era of exploitation of almost all of the privacy that we have. With the help of recent technologies everything will be viewed on the internet. Whether you like a porn, or an educational one, no doubt they are on the web. With just click a mouse and everything is on our fingertips. Even if we are on the remotest village, we can still access the net and in an instant we are connected to the world.

With all of these privileges that our ancestors did not enjoy in the past, we can conclude that we are lucky enough to experience the abundance of information that are readily available anytime as long as we are connected wired or wireless. However they are still the perils of misguided information that can lead to nowhere. And with no restriction since the Web is free for all, most of the kids nowadays realized and are educated via the net. They can learn the many things the world has to offer whether they are bad or good. And mostly bad. And to add it on they are many online games that are supposedly for adults only can be played by kids.

Sometimes if we have to imagine the emergence of new ways of communication we can say that we cannot live without the convenience of those gadgets that become necessary for our survival. We can live without cellphones or internet at least for a day but since they are very common in our lives, a mere absent of those will become a deficiency in our part. We cannot imagine even for a single day that we are not to use our cellphones. However if we are to look back a few years back, we are living very normally without those technologies and still we are fully human. In other words we are slave to the very technology that we are embracing. But we love it. We really appreciate the seemingly endless possibilities that the digital revolution is bringing to us.

And what’s next for us will be the unimaginable. The things that existed only in science fiction will come to life. And a new revolution will sweep the world in unprecedented trend that one has imagine will one day be a reality. And we should look forward to it with all the positives in mind. We should learn to create a world of technological leap that will surely propel us to efficiency and much enjoyment in this life.

And never mind the utopians that only dreams of the world as a gloomy future ready for destruction. And it is us human could only decide what will be the best for us. And for the generations to come.

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