Friday, July 4, 2008

"We Need Change"

A Cycle
AM for everyone

The prices of the prime commodities in the market today are skyrocketing. It is on of the many effects of the global increase of the price of crude oil that is hitting every nation of the world. Indeed it has many consequences. Rich and poor countries will suffer dramatically but the greater effect will be felt by those third-world nations including the Philippines. And worst of all, it is directly hitting the biggest economy of the world; the United States.

And an economic recession is under way along with the rest of the world. An economic downfall of the US will mean a bad economy for whole world since US is the biggest trading partners of all the countries and its mighty dollars dictate the currency and stock markets of the world.

And the gap of the haves and have-nots will be widened once again because of this phenomenon. Some economic analyst said it will not last longer because of the so-called economic cycle where one nation really undergoes a series of ups and downs of its economic growth. And eventually it will stabilize the goodness of all. There are many factors that will determined whether the present economic slowdown will hit hard or last longer depending on the policies and will of the people of a certain nation.

In our case, the worsening increase of basic commodities like the rice and other foods directly hit our poor citizenry. The very basic needs of the people can no longer be bought in a lesser price as before. The minimum wage earner will no longer afford even a decent meal since his salary is not enough for his family’s needs. And it will worsen if our lawmakers will do nothing which will alter the trend in the price in the market today.

And if we will took deeper for the cause of it all, it will boil down to one thing; corruption. And we don’t care since it is but a natural phenomenon for the Filipino. We are indeed corrupt and will be corrupt for the longest time. This is a negative pronouncement but it is the truth and the reforms needed are not yet in our generation I guess.

Even though there are so many militants group today, they are not capable of overthrowing the government since they are in one way or the other are corrupt also. I have seen many political idealists in my younger years but in the end they are swallowed by the same money that they are trying to remove before. How many militant groups who are once for the poor but now they are the one who are in Congress doing nothing for the poor?

They are once an aggressive agent of reforms but now they are in a situation when they cannot separate their personal interest to those interests of the masses. They are once in Mendiola but now they are in Congress doing nothing. Well they are doing well in press where they are claiming to oust PGMA but what the hell they are being bought by the same person they are trying to remove.

And in the final analysis, we the people are always the losers. Even the next generation will not be exempted to the effects of the happenings of today. They will suffer the consequences as we are suffering the consequences of the mistakes of the past generations. A cycle that will eventually keep on turning unless we do something about it. An act that will destroy all the idealisms and myths about the real situation of our nations. A revolution within!

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