Friday, July 4, 2008

"My Angel Is My Bestfriend"

Your Guardian Angel

(Written while listening to the song of the same title)

Somehow I believed in everyone’s guardian angel. Those angels are carefully watching their assigned person to take care of especially in those hard times that once in a while come to our life. Religiously or not those angels may be in the form of other persons or events that may changed our views about our existence. They may come unexpected and without warning. They surprise us in such a way that we really thank God for sending us those rescues that are badly needed on those trying times.

How many times when we are about to give when something or someone distract our attention thus ignoring our problems for a while, and when it is over we look back at it as if that something or someone is really the decisive factor in saving our life? How many times our life is changed by a single moment or by a single person and in the final analysis we can consider that person as our guardian angel?

In my life I had many guardian angels that I considered to be there in any moments. I’ve been to hell once and back as they say but without my angels with I think I cannot survive the challenge of life. And surprisingly we did not plan those things to happen but what the heck God really acts in very mysterious ways! He did not and will not let His children to suffer and sacrifice. His invisible hands really guide us to the right path. His eyes really see us and He feels our pain until it ceases to exist. Maybe time is the greatest guardian of all. Time heals all things. It will not erase the memories that we’ve got but somehow make us realize that we should not waste our time in waiting for someone who did exist at all.

In my life also, I can be a guardian angel to others. Through my presence and advices I could lighten their load and can make them smile even for a while. I may not know it but I know that they can feel it. They could sense the concern that I am feeling to those friends of mine who really need my companionship even for a shorter period of time. And they are released from the bondage of love. They are freed from the myths that really control their lives. And they are grateful that even in times of darkness I can give them the light that they really needed. And I am not expecting something good in return. The mere fact that I am happy helping other people is an overwhelming payback to be considered for me.

And maybe our guardian angel is our partner for life. They are really the perfect metaphor of a guardian angel. Our husband or wife is truly the guardians that are prepared to sacrifice all just to give love to his partner. And he or she will be our guardian even in after life!

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